Georgia Bigfoot Conference
October 18-20
Rabun County Civic Center 
201 W. Savannah St.  
Clayton, GA 30525
Thank you for a great Bigfoot Conference of 2019. Future Guests will be listed here for the next conference!
The She-Squatchers - Jen Kruse, Jena Grover, and Tammy Treichel
The Midwest's FIRST ALL-FEMALE team dedicated to searching for Bigfoot. This bigfoot research team is located primarily in Minnesota / North Dakota & is comprised of seasoned paranormal investigators, psychic mediums, animal communicators, and more!
Dr. Igor Burtsev - Bigfoot researcher 
Dr. Burtsev is a legendary researcher in the area of Bigfoot and Hominology (the collection of all cryptids) from Russia with decades of experience. We are honored to have this world-famous gentleman as our keynote speaker. Among his many accomplishments, he is the former head of the Charles Darwin Institute in Russia, and has written extensively on Bigfoot, Hominology and on Zana (the famous "wild woman" reported to be the daughter of a Bigfoot).
Billy Redden - "Banjo Boy" from the movie Deliverance

Billy Redden is an American actor, from Rabun County, best known for his role as a backwoods mountain boy in the 1972 film Deliverance. He played Lonnie, a banjo-playing teenager in north Georgia who played the inconic "Dueling Banjos" with Drew Ballinger (Ronnie Cox).
Kip Ramey - Award winning artist

Kip Ramey is a true folk artist who pulls his inspiration from characters such as Mr. Ed Ramey. Ed was the buck dancing gas station attendant in the 1972 film Deliverance. Many of his works use old barn boards, culvert pipes, rusted metal and things that others see as waste. He likes to give them purpose again and wants people to see the beauty in the imperfections.
Sonya Thompson - Actor, model, "Professional Zombie"

Sonya has played numerous roles from detective to zombie, not only in film but also prime time TV. Although, she has done many roles, what she is known for has been her main zombie roles in the film 'Zombieland' and the hit TV show 'The Walking Dead'(Season's 1 & 2). Her modeling experience came in handy as a promo zombie for the TV show 'The Walking Dead' and those photos are some of the most seen in the world for advertisement. Her website is
Don Tart - Bigfoot researcher

Don Tart is an investigator for the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) since 2006, and has devoted decades in the study Bigfoot sightings and evidence since his own first encounter in 1980.

Rick Reles - Bigfoot researcher

Rick is a Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) investigator currently living in Crossville, Tennessee. Rick has helped organize and attended numerous Bigfoot expeditions. He has also written a Field Guide on Bigfoot Stick Structures, and has had Class A, B ,and C interactions with Bigfoot.

Matt Delph - Bigfoot researcher
From southwestern Virginia, Matt is an experienced Bigfoot researcher. He is the head of MECRO, Mountain Empire Cryptid Research Orgainization. Matt speaks at a number of regional Bigfoot events including the Harlan (KY) Bigfoot Conference, the Tennessee Bigfoot Conference and the Georgia Bigfoot Conference.
Janice Carter - Bigfoot researcher

Janice is best known as co-author of the legendary book "50 Years with Bigfoot: Tennessee Bigfoot Chronicles of Coexistence" along with Mary A. Green. She is currently doing extensive research into the language of Bigfoot.
Robin McCray - Mindspeak and Bigfoot researcher
Robin is a friendly housewife and mother from SC with the amazing ability to perform "mindspeak" - a term that means she has experience talking with cryptids in her head. Many people would call this term "Telepathy." She is internationally recognized for speaking at conferences in Russia and the US. Robin was one of the featured speakers at the Georgia Bigfoot Conference and will be a featured speaker at the Tennessee Bigfoot Conference.
Aadei - Astrologer
Aadei comes from a strong Ghanaian ancestral heritage and her West African bloodline runs deep in art of healing for the mind, body and soul. Along with her ancestral roots with alchemy and mysticism, she had also earned a bachelor’s degree in metaphysics paired with her licensure as an Ordained Minister of Astrotheology. She specializes in Vedic Astrology as a lifestyle science, analyzing birthstar charts and using the cosmos to administer self-fulfilling prophesies, explore past lives and even create personalized diet plans!
M&D Paranormal - Paranormal and Cryptid investigators

The M&D Paranormal Team is based out of Marion, North Carolina and was founded by Mary Goyer and Daniel Hurst. M & D Paranormal's mission is to compassionately, knowledgeably, and professionally assist and offer paranormal services to others who have been personally affected by a paranormal experience, including those who have been indirectly affected. Visit them at
Papa Stro Maestro - WCW Wrestling Legend, Actor 
Rob Kellum, AKA Papa Stro Maestro, Papa Stro Maestro is a WCW wrestling legend, is an award-winning actor, and is a podcast host on VOC Nation. At WCW, Papa Stro wrestled in front of millions of people on thir weekly television show, and at major wrestling events throughout the world. He was also a superstar with NWA Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Recently, a documentary on his life, "Maestro," has received rave reviews on the film festival circuit nationwide and is available on Amazon. He currently holds multiple world championship belts in wrestling promotions on the independent wrestling circuit, and is the star of DUSK, the series, playing the role of The Chief.
Eric Colley - Amatuer Astronomer  
Eric will providing views of our closest star, the Sun. He has exhibited at Comicons and Festivals, along with a wide range of academic institutions and astronomy clubs throughout the Carolinas. He and Dr. John have founded the non profit organization Astronomy Project. Eric is happy to discuss anything from astronomy to ghosts, ufos, and more! Eric is also a 4th degree black belt in Shorin-Ryu karate.
Dr. John Stamey - Author 
From Myrtle Beach, Dr. John hosts and Bigfoot And Company podcasts with many well-known paranormal researchers and enthusiasts including author Lyle Blackburn and Brandon Dalo (award-winning composer for "Small Town Monsters"). His earned doctorate is from NC State University. Dr. John writes the Bigfoot Column for, a popular alternative news blog out of the Raleigh, NC area. He is the author of the book "Bigfoot Explorers," and serves as the executive director of the SC Lizardman Festival, the Georgia Bigfoot Conference, and the Tennessee Bigfoot Conference. He is the managing partner for Carolina Caricatures in Myrtle Beach, SC.